Friday, April 19, 2013

Bear Travels to Israel!

Rabbi Truboff hanging with our bear along with Michael Hyman the JCC executive Director at Masada.  The black line denotes below is what they originally found and above is what has been reconstructed.

Our bear with Ari Golub, The Mandel JCC' Director of Children and Day Camping talking to a metal worker, Mandel JCC to Yad LaKashish, Lifeline for the Elderly.  Yad LaKashish gives hundreds of Jerusalem's neediest elderly a sense of purpose and self- worth through creative work opportunities, essential support services and a warm community environment.  The tzedakah money from Shabbaton ( the week I left) was donated here.

Our bear is learning about a memorial for the fallen soldiers found inside the Jewish Quarter of the Old City from the war for Independence.

Enjoying the Views!!!!!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Beit Shean!!!!!

Bear enjoyed a delicious lunch and latte at a favorite Israeli restaurant called cafe cafe.  This cafe cafe was in beit shean.

Bear Celebrates Passover!

The Davidson's family Bear attended a 2nd Seder at our friend's house and he was very happy to see a familiar face.  Even if our friend was wearing Pharoah's hat!  And when we said "NEXT YEAR IN JERUSALEM"  Our bear was thrilled to add - NEXT MONTH in JERUSALEM!  Stay tuned for our bear's journey to the Promised Land beginning April 8th!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Iree Reich's 3rd & 4th Grade Class share their most meaningful places 
at The Temple - Tifereth Israel 

From generation to generation!
Moses was holding the Torah with a girl!

This is room 11&12 and 4th grade go here.  It’s in The Temple-Tifereth Israel.  It’s special because it’s a Jewish classroom to continue off the stuff we learned last year and still learning.

Rabbi Silver
Rabbi Silver is imported to Israel! His books of speeches. His painting of him.  His desk!!!!!

Shows us the past.
Piece of history.
Reminds us of the miracle that happened-splitting of the sea.
To read about the past.
Get good education.
On the computers you get lots of information.
Reminds us of our Judaism.
Can learn about different generations.

Preschool: You get a head start on Jewish Education.

We visited the touch board in the lobby.  It has pictures of people of people that have been confirmed at The Temple.  Everyone that has been confirmed is on the screen according to what year they were confirmed.  You are confirmed in tenth grade.

Fish Tank
You enjoy being near the fish tank the fish tank is a home for fish.

Praying in Seattle

This is Rachel's cousin David at his Sunday School - Congregation Beth Shalom in Seattle.  

There's Nothing Like Shabbat in Cincinnati!

Shabbaton bear made its way to Cincinnati from one of Wills best friends cousins.  See attached.

Friday, March 8, 2013


We all enjoy Purim at The Temple.  For some of us, our favorite part is the music, others like the games, and most of us love the hamantaschen!